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Mass Transit Accidents in New York​

Most New York residents rely on mass transit networks like bus lines, taxis, subways and trains to get to work, school and other activities in the city. Generally, mass transit is a safe and economical way to travel, but accidents occasionally happen.

Mass transit accidents can result in life-changing injuries to the injured person and their loved ones, and on extreme occasions, they are fatal.

You Deserve Compensation.

You deserve compensation if you or your loved ones have been injured when on mass transit. If you decide to sue, mass transit accident lawsuits are complex due to the involved legal terms and sometimes interested parties.  

Please contact Braude Law to connect with an experienced attorney who will help you gather the required evidence and file a mass transit accident lawsuit.

What Mass Transit Accidents Do We Handle?

  • Bus Accidents  These are the most common and are usually caused by bad traffic conditions, other careless motorists, careless drivers, and machinery malfunction
  • Train Accidents are rare and usually happen because of equipment malfunction and derailment off the tracks.       
  • Subway Accidents Though rare, subway accidents result from overspeeding,  operator errors, poor maintenance, and inadequate security.
  • Ferries, Cruise ship & boat accidents A cruise ship accident could happen due to bad weather on the sea, faulty equipment, a lack of security, faulty or poorly trained staff,
  • Plane accidents These types of accidents are very rare, but when they happen, the results are catastrophic. They usually happen due to bad weather, pilot error, mechanical dysfunction, and mistakes by ground control. 
  • Taxi Cab Accidents These are as common as bus accidents and are usually caused by drunk driving, distracted driving, driving while tired, aggressive driving and error from other motorists and road users.

Determining Liability for a Mass Transit Accident

Several Parties can be held liable for mass transit. Some of them include

  • Drivers, Train Operators, Ship Operators & Pilots

These parties are in charge of controlling the vehicles. They may cause accidents because of poor training, being distracted, operating vehicles under the influence of drugs, or willingly committing traffic violations. 

  • Mass Transit  Companies

Mass transit companies are supposed to hire and train their employees before allowing them to operate vehicles. They are also responsible for inspecting the condition of their vehicles and doing any necessary repairs.  

  • Mass Transit Vehicle Manufacturers

Vehicle manufacturers are responsible for selling products that are safe to use and that are installed with safety equipment. Manufacturers, when found at fault, can face a Product liability lawsuit. 

  • Other Negligent Parties

Mass transit companies and operators aren’t always responsible for mass transit accidents. Other Parties that contribute to mass transit accidents in New York are:

  • Other drivers      
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicyclists
  • Motorbike riders

New York uses comparative negligence law, which allows you to recover as maximum compensation as possible from every party liable during your accident. 

To prove negligence, your attorney has to prove that:

  1.   The defendant had a duty to exercise the highest possible degree of care for the safety of you and other passengers.
  2.   The defendant didn’t honor their duty of  care, which proximately resulted into your
  3.   You suffered physical injuries, emotional distress, and loss of income.

Steps to Take After a Mass Transit Accident


Listen in on instructions from the stewards on a mass transit behicle on how to exit safely. If no instructions are given, assess the situation and make your way through an emergency door or window. Avoid crowded exits to reduce your chances of injury.


If you are safely out of danger, some of the other passengers might not be so lucky. Contact emergency services as well as the police immediately. This will ensure an ambulance is deployed to the area and the police take a report regarding the accident.


Seek medical attention immediately, even if your injuries aren’t severe. Make sure you keep a copy of all your medical records. If the accident was traumatic, be sure to seek out an experienced mental health professional . 


In the moments following your accident, if you can, take photos of the accident scene and your injuries. Ensure you also obtain a copy of the police report and collect any witness statements. If your injury is severe, try to obtain these pieces of evidence after being discharged


Before you even file a lawsuit, make sure you file an insurance claim with the insurance company that insures the mass transit company and their vehicles. Their compensation can cover disability, medical expenses, lost income, loss of limbs, pain and suffering & disfigurement. 


Mass transit accident lawsuits can be complex. An experienced New York mass transit accident lawyer will be able to advise on your legal options and the necessary timelines to adhere to. Contact Braude Law to advise on this for free. We do not charge you anything till we win your case.

How Long Do You Have to File a Mass Transit Accident Claim?

If you have been injured in a New York mass transit accident, you have a limited period to file a claim, per the statute of limitations.Speak to mass transit accident attorneys from Braude who understand the law regarding these kinds of accidents. We will ensure you gather all necessary evidence and file a case following the deadline.

What Type of Compensation Can I Recover?

If you file a mass transit accident lawsuit, you are likely going to be compensated for       

  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Medical expenses   
  • Lost wages and income    
  • Loss of enjoyment of life    
  • Disability 
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering   
  • Wrongful Death

Several parties may be liable for your accident and Braude Law attorneys will ensure you get the maximum payout possible.

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